Meeting Minutes: FD Meeting on 4/11/17


322 WEST MAIN                                BOX 318                             DISNEY, OKLAHOMA

Meeting called to order by Mayor Chris Tuter at 7:03 p.m. on April 11, 2017.

Answering roll call:  Mayor Chris Tuter and Trustees Lisa Cookson, Norma Crockett, and Shelly Martin.  Trustee Jane Standeford was absent.  Quorum was declared.  Fire Chief Larry Sanders, Jr., Police Chief Larry Sanders, Town Attorney Harlan Pinkerton, Jr., and Town Clerk Janice Sharp were present.  Visitors signed in were Joel and Martha Graham and Courtney Goss.  Visitor signed in to speak was Russ Hogan.                        

1. Fire Department report for March 2017 was given by Fire Chief Larry Sanders, Jr., reporting 6 medical calls regarding off-road vehicle accidents, 1 fire call, 0 motor vehicle accident calls, 1 training session, 1 Fire Department meeting, and the use of 1,250 gallons of water.

2. Shelly made a motion, with Norma seconding the motion, to approve the Fire Department’s regular session Meeting Minutes of March 14, 2017. Voting:  Chris, yes; Lisa, yes; Norma, yes; and Shelly, yes.  Motion carried.

3. Fire Chief Sanders advised that Tyler Rush and Anna Rush were newly approved volunteer firefighters who were actively going out on calls now.

4. Old Business. Trustee Martin asked if Fire Chief Sanders had information on the start date for the training structure to be erected on the fire department lot on Lorton Street.  Fire Chief Sanders advised that discussions were taking place with the Langley Fire Department regarding paying for the structure and the Langley Fire Department was working on quotes to get the best prices for the materials.

4. Unforeseen Business. No discussion.

5. Comments from Fire Department Board. No discussion.

6. Approval of Adjournment. Chris made a motion, with Shelly seconding the motion, to adjourn the meeting at 7:12 p.m.  Voting:  Chris, yes; Lisa, yes; Norma, yes; and Shelly, yes.  Motion carried. 



Janice Sharp, Town Clerk

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