Meeting Minutes: FD Meeting on 5/9/17


322 WEST MAIN                                BOX 318                             DISNEY, OKLAHOMA

Meeting called to order by Mayor Chris Tuter at 7:03 p.m. on May 9, 2017, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Answering roll call:  Mayor Chris Tuter and Trustees Lisa Cookson, Norma Crockett, and Shelly Martin.  Trustee Joel Graham was absent.  Quorum was declared.  Fire Chief Larry Sanders, Jr., Police Chief Larry Sanders, and Town Clerk Janice Sharp were present.  Visitor signed in was Jim Brown.  Visitors signed in to speak were Michael Hopper and Chris Ellen Rogers.        

Mayor Tuter advised the Board that he had received an e-mail message from newly elected Trustee Joel Graham and that Mr. Graham had retracted his position on the Board of Trustees.  (Mr. Graham had been elected in April 2017 to fill Trustee Position 3, a two-year unexpired term to expire in 2019.) 

Shelly made a motion, with Chris seconding the motion, to accept the resignation of Joel Graham as Trustee Position 3.  Voting:  Chris, yes; Lisa, yes; Norma, yes; and Shelly, yes.  Motion carried.  [Title 11, Oklahoma Statutes, Section 8-112, states, “Acceptance by the governing body shall not be required for the resignation to be effective.”]

Mayor Tuter advised that with the absence of Trustee Joel Graham, all remaining trustees had been sworn in previously as they were incumbent members of the Board of Trustees.

Lisa made a motion, with Shelly seconding the motion, to delay further action until a Mayor had been elected in the Town Meeting.  Voting:  Chris, yes; Lisa, yes; Norma, yes; and Shelly, yes.  Motion carried.

The meeting resumed at 7:10 p.m.

Mayor Tuter recognized the Disney Fire Department on its award as Fire Department of the Year presented by Cherokee Nation.  Police Chief Larry Sanders added that the Disney Fire Department was selected from 133 nominees; two fire department awards are presented each year, with one fire department selected from the northern region and the other fire department selected from the southern region of Oklahoma; in 2009, Lana (JoAnn) Sanders was selected as the Firefighter of the Year, and that she was the first female firefighter to receive the award; in 2012, Fire Chief Larry Sanders, Jr. was selected as the Firefighter of the Year; and on May 8, 2017, the Disney Fire Department received the award of Fire Department of the Year.

1.  Fire Department report for April 2017 was given by Fire Chief Larry Sanders, Jr., reporting 3 medical calls; 0 fire calls; 1 accident call involving a boat, in which three people were injured; 1 training session on storm watching; 1 Fire Department meeting; and 0 water use.

Fire Chief Sanders and Police Chief Sanders advised that all active Disney firefighters had completed Suspicious Activity Reporting, Fire and Emergency Medical Services Training on March 22, 2017.  Fire Chief Sanders advised that James Brantley would be providing a quote on building a bed for the Polaris side-by-side.    

2.  Chris made a motion, with Norma seconding the motion, to approve the Fire Department’s regular session Meeting Minutes of April 11, 2017. Voting:  Chris, yes; Lisa, yes; Norma, yes; and Shelly, yes.  Motion carried.

3.  Old Business.  None.

4.  Unforeseen Business. Trustee Joel Graham’s resignation from the Board and the Board’s acceptance of his resignation.

5.  Comments from Fire Department Board. Trustee Martin asked Fire Chief Sanders about the monetary grant accompanying the award by Cherokee Nation.  Fire Chief Sanders advised that Chief Nation presented the Disney Fire Department with a check in the amount of $3,500 and a commendation plaque.

6.  Approval of Adjournment. Chris made a motion, with Lisa seconding the motion, to adjourn the meeting at 7:20 p.m.  Voting:  Chris, yes; Lisa, yes; Norma, yes; and Shelly, yes.  Motion carried. 




Janice Sharp, Town Clerk

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